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Have you read enough to know you agree with us? Would you like to get involved with our great cause?

Then I have great news for you friend: there are now a multitude of different ways to get involved!

Would you like to join up officially.? Well Beer-Aid is technically an unincorporated association, so people can be members simply by the virtue of wanting to be members. No membership fee necessary. (Though we never turn money down. That would be rude.)

Why not drop by the Beer-Aid forums? The regulars are always looking for fresh meat. We get very worried about them at times.

You could always reed up on the many articles on our wiki, or perhaps even add your own.

Do you feel the need to broadcast every inane thought that pops into your head, to an uncaring and indifferent world? Then great news: why not follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus feeds, or perhaps even add your own comments. Everyone needs to know exactly what you fed your cat last night. Meet other narcissists just like you today!

If that doesn't sound up your alley, you can always take our new app out for a spin, assuming you're not still using an old Nokia 3310. After all, everyone should know the joy of owning a phone whose screen will crack simply by looking at it wrong.

Maybe you could strip away all of the dressing, and get back to get back to the heart of the matter: drinking. Organise an independent Beer-Aid event (or BeerAidx as they are more commonly known). If you need some tips on where to go, why not try Irish Beer Finder's new bar search tool?

Perhaps all of the above sounds a bit too much like hard work? Maybe you feel the need to make some sort of gesture to make up for all of the bad things you've done recently? Yes, we know all about that; the images are seared into our brains. Donate today to give yourself that feeling of accomplishment for other people's hard work!

For most people the possibilities for getting involved are almost endless. For those with better skills at maths, the number of possibilities is seven.

Why not drop by the forum for a chat?

Discover your new home away from home. Or home at home, depending on your surfing habits. Drop in for a minute, stay for an age.

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Need More Convincing?

Do you still need some more convincing about what beer and other alcohols can do for life?

Then look no further friend. We have compiled a gallery of images to convince you beyond a doubt that more alcohol is exactly what you need to improve your life. Once you see the happy and successful people featured, you'll be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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Did you know, that literally hundreds of people sober up every minute?

With your help, and very generous donations, we can work to prevent this from happening to as many people as is humanly possible. This work doesn't come cheaply, however, which is why we really do need your help.

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Are you tired of constantly drinking alone at five o'clock in the morning?

Thanks to the latest in computer research, you no longer have to! Introducing the Beer-Aid Official Drinking Companion App. Be amazed as you click on pictures, buttons, and text links! Enjoy many of the features of this website in a more portable form, on a range of different smartphone operating systems.

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