Would you like to donate to Beer-Aid?

What does your money go towards?

From research commissioned by Beer-Aid, we know that, worldwide, at least two hundred people sober up every minute. When you see the figures in black and white like that, it really puts things into perspective. Instead of letting this fact shock us into fatalistic thinking. No, it galvanises us, encouraging us to do what we can to stop such things in the future.

It is with your help, and very generous donations, that we undertake a range of campaigns and programmes designed to stem this crisis:

The No Drink Left Behind Programme: Here we encourage members to ensure that they not only finish off their own drinks, but that they finish off other people's as well. It's just more juice in the gas tank, keeping the effects of sobriety at bay for longer.

The BeerAidx Programme: Here we encourage members of the public to organise their own independent Beer-Aid event, where they sample a wide variety of beers and other alcohols at a local pub, club, house party, or festival. We're happy to say that it's proved very successful so far.

Drunkpedia: An overarching education programme designed to teach the world the benefits of drinking.

The Official Companion App: A next generation experience in clicking on things.

Naturally, however, this work doesn't come cheaply, which is why we really do appreciate any help (particularly financial) that you can give. Ignore the rampant rumours of Beer-Aid being a crooked charity. Give today!

I'm convinced. How can I give?

There are a number of ways you can give:

The first is by sending cash payments to admin@beeraid.org using Paypal or Amazon Payments. We also accept cheques and brown envelopes stuffed with bank notes.

The second is by sending payments using a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Our payments addresses for a range of prominent digital currencies can be seen directly below:

Bitcoin: 1GFRLHxX8Toz78aHpZVNJ26EgWJUnkioHZ

Litecoin: LLQdbFvf5zCFMwb1aKciyBhhx3FsUms1Zx

Peercoin: P9XFivjtKsowVrQtSApUyxqn1dQwz7Dgbj

Namecoin: NHL6S73mGUUdM2bswaw92jXPU9VpGL7wmj

Primecoin: AWe6JwJYhZKyvf7omZhfsebKgsRN8cryg2

DogeCoin: DLLrdrS4nrXYJXp42eCwxoAZ1GBxjcUj4D

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