Who Are We?

Beer-Aid sees itself as the modern incarnation of a movement that stretches back over 12,000 years ago. From the stone age to the present, alcohol has played an important role in life, serving a variety of medical, social, nutritional, and religious roles, enhancing the lives of most people who come into contact with it.

The Beer-Aid movement goes even further in its belief in alcohol, already regarded as one of the most important discoveries ever made by mankind, believing that it can offer a solution to that problem that has long eluded humanity: World Peace!

Think of it this way friend: How can a man fly a fighter-jet if he is too drunk to stand? How can a man fight a supposed enemy if he's too drunk to even see him? Simply put, he cannot. Sure, some people might get a bit rowdy with a few beers in them, but the answer to their problem is the same as the answer to most others: more beer!

What Do We Do?

We drink. That probably shouldn't be too surprising considering the general theme of the site so far. If you didn't manage to pick it up, then good news: you're probably well on your way to being a valued ally in our struggle against the forces of sobriety!

In addition to this, we also undertake a number of other tasks, including: (i) organising a variety of events for like-minded individuals; (ii) provide a variety of interesting and educational material about beer and other alcohols to the general public, and; (iii) advance the cause of world peace using our chosen methods (see above).

How can you help?

You can help in a variety of different ways, including donating to Beer-Aid, organising and/or attending Beer-Aid events, promoting the Beer-Aid cause, and by generally supporting your local publican or off-licence.